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ad-lib rewards

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As a member of our rewards program, you will earn ad-points towards future purchases and gain access to a ton of exclusive perks.

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How to use?


1. What is ad-lib rewards?

ad-lib rewards is the membership scheme of Members can earn ad-points every time they place an order at ad-lib online shop. Ad-points can be used to redeem rewards (including but not limited to online cash coupon / special gift). Member with higher level would enjoy better privileges and rewards.

2. How many levels in ad-lib rewards Program?

There are 3 levels in ad-lib rewards Program:
Level 1 - FISH (New member)
Level 2 - BIG FISH (having 20,000 ad-points in one year)
Level 3 - MEGA FISH (having 80,000 ad-points in one year)

3. If I have an account on ad-lib online shop, does it mean I am ad-lib rewards member already?

You may check by clicking the panel of ad-lib rewards. You will be able to login if your email has been registered. If not, please kindly sign up for a new account.

4. Can ad-point be used in physical stores?

As our online shop and physical stores are operated separately, ad-point is only applicable online.

5. What kind of benefits will I enjoy if I become a member?

FISH – Welcome gift: 500 ad-points + 3 ad-points for every HKD$1 purchase + 3,000 ad-points on birthday month
BIG FISH – Upgrade gift: 5,000 ad-points + 5 ad-points for every HKD$1 purchase + 5,000 ad-points on birthday month
MEGA FISH – Upgrade gift: 10,000 ad-points + 8 ad-points for every HKD$1 purchase + 8,000 ad-points on birthday month
ad-point can be used to redeem rewards as follow:
2,500 ad-points = HK$20 online coupon
7,000 ad-points = HK$50 online coupon
25,000 ad-points = HK$200 online coupon
55,000 ad-points = HK$500 online coupon
100, 000 ad-points = HK$1,000 online coupon
There would also be special offer in occasional promotion period, so stay tuned with latest offer!

6. How to redeem coupon?

Sign in your rewards account and click "Ways to redeem" where you can use your ad-points to redeem online coupon. After redemption, you will receive an email with a discount code. You may use the discount code for your next purchase. Please be noted that only one discount code can be input for each order, discount code could not be merge or use together.

7. Where can I check my ad-point record?

You may check your ad-point record by signing in your ad-lib rewards account  Click on “My rewards”, then you can see your available point.

8. When will the ad-point be added into my account?

ad-point will be added to your account after order confirmation.

9. Can ad-point be transfer?

Sorry, ad-point and rewards are confined in your account and could not be transfer to others.

10. Will my ad-point be expired?

ad-point is valid for 1 year (starting from the date you obtained) in a rolling basis. Each time you purchase on ad-lib online shop and obtain new ad-point, the expiry date will update to 1 year after that date. It means your ad-point will expire only if you have not earned any ad-point for a continuous period of 1 year.

11. Will accumulate ad-points for upgrading be expired?

Members will have one academic year to collect ad-point for tier upgrading. For example, if you join the rewards scheme and becoming FISH member, you will have to collect 20,000 ad-points on or before 31st December on the same year in order to upgrade to BIG FISH. If you could not collect enough points within one academic year, you will have to collect new 20,000 ad-points in the coming year in order to get upgraded.

12. Will my membership be expired?

As long as you registered on ad-lib rewards, your membership will only be up / downgrade.
For member who fulfill the requirment of upper tier within 1 year (counting from the date registered), membership will be upgraded to higher tier.
For example, if you obtain 20,000 ad-points in 1 year (starting from the date you registered), you would be upgraded to BIG FISH and enjoy better benefits til next year ends.

13. How can I get the Referral rewards?

You can give your friends a HK$50 off coupon (Applicable for order HKD$400 or above) by sharing your referral URL to them. And you will get 1,000 ad-points in return if they purchase by using the coupon.

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